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Automotive Plastic Manufacturer located near Traverse City, Michigan. Offers custom injection molding, engineering and manufacturing of interior and exterior products for the auto-industry.
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General Motors 1996 Supplier of the Year Award.
GM 2009 Supplier of the Year

Quality Assurance

Our Philosophy

Of all the activities that make up the manufacturing process, quality assurance is the most vital. However, to truly assure the quality of the manufacturing process, perfect knowledge of the design intent for fit, form and function is necessary. Gathering this information and conceiving an error proofing strategy to deliver 100% conformance to your requirements is what we do.

Quality Assurance

We at Grand Traverse Plastics Corp. believe that our quality performance is no accident. Our external DPPM performance is the result development and deployment of manufacturing processes that have error proofing strategies "designed in" that prevent non-conformance in the most critical fit, form, and functional areas of the component.

Quality Policy:

At Grand Traverse Plastics our quality policy is simple and straight forward: quality through involvement and continuous improvement.

Associate Training

Grand Traverse Plastics operates Grand Traverse Plastics University (GTPU) offering associates classes in: Mold Change, Mold Anatomy, Injection Molding 1, Mold Design, Materials, Mold Maintenance, GTP Employee Skills, PPAP, SPC I, Material Handling, Business Finance I, Crane Safety, Traceability, Quality Measurement Tools, and other class offerings.

Our Commitment:

  1. Providing products and services that will exceed our customers expectations.
  2. Creating an environment in which our associates can participate and develop.
  3. Realizing a profit to insure our future.

Quality Assurance Tools

  • PPAP
  • AQP
  • 8D
  • 5 Phase
  • 5 Why's
  • CMM
  • SPC

Bidlist Report
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